3rd XI


Having been promoted to the Midlands 1A BUCS league in 2015/16, the 3rd XI have backed this up with three strong campaigns to cement their place in this difficult league. Finishing 3rd in 2018/19 means that they will once again be competing in Midlands 1A under the new BUCS structure, at the highest level of any 3rd XI in the country.

The squad are hoping to push themselves this year into making the BUCS North A league which would see them at the top of what a 3rd XI could possibly achieve.

On the weekend, the 3rd XI finished 5th in the East Midlands Premier league, where they are one of only a handful of 3rd XIs amongst some top 1st and 2nd XI teams. There is also a large emphasis on the social side of the hockey in the team, where the squad have been able to form a great relationship, with this being vital to their success on the pitch.